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Europe's crumbling myths

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A must read for anyone interested in understanding how contemporary European anti Semitism is connected to post - War European attitudes of jewish exclusion which set the stage for the moral, judicial, and educational failures that followed in the wake of the Shoah. Alan L. BergeG Raddock Eminent Scholar Chair of Holocaust Studies, Florida Atlantic University Widespread manifestations of anti - Semitism in Europe (and elsewhere) since the turn of the millennium have shocked jews (and many non jews), who assumed the ancient hatred lay buried in the ashes of the Holocaust. Europe's Crumbling Myths shows how wrong that belief was. Manfred Gerstenfeld and his interlocutors shed light on the dirty secret of enduring animus everywhere in Europe toward jews. The book is a call for further scholarly research, for honest self scrutiny by Europeans, and for immediate policy review by governments, NGOs, and jewish communities. Michael Brown, Professor Former Director of jewish Studies,York University [Toronto) This well - informed and exceptionally well - written book takes the format of an introductory essay and 15 interviews with prominent experts. Gerstenfeld convincingly argues that there is a new common ground on which right - wing Holocaust deniers, leftist European intellectuals and influential Arabs stand united: in their criticism of Israeli policy, and in their hatred of the Jews. This book deserves the widest possible audience. Johannes Houwink ten Cate, Professor for Holocaust and Genocide studies, University of Amsterdam In a comprehensive and thought - provoking introduction, Manfred Gerstenfeld ties together a timely and incisive set of interviews with leading scholars, officials and journalists. It examines the relationship between the recrudescence of anti - Semitism in Europe and the recent resurfacing of unresolved and troubling political, economic, psychological and moral issues stemming from the Holocaust and its aftermath. Professor Peter Y. Medding, Chairman, Political Science Department, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Manfred Gerstenfelds book is an excellent analysis of contemporary anti - Semitism. It describes - and it explains. For the understanding of the ongoing hatred of Jews as well as of the changing faces of this hatred, the book provides provoking insights. It gives country - to - country description and an overall systematic explanation. Anton Pelinka, Professor of Political Science, University of innsbruck; Director of the Institute of Conflict Research, Vienna

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