A book of healing / הרב ברג

A book of healing

הרב ברג

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת לימודי קבלה, בשנת 2001,

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For the Worst time in human history, the ancient healing technology of Kabbalah is revealed in a single book of meditation and spiritual connection. For centuries, this healing wisdom was tightly guarded and concealed, known only to a privileged few. Thanks to this priceless publication now anyone can utilize this ancient tool to awaken the true forces of healing. The power of life, good health, well being and spiritual Light are now available to all mankind! A Kabbalist descended from a lineage of great masters, Kabbalist Rav Berg was ordained at Torah Va Daat in New York City and later studied under Kabbalist Yehuda Brandwein in Israel. As dean and. co - director of The Kabbalah Centre, the Rav lectures and teaches internationally, meets with spiritual and world leaders to foster global peace, and has touched the lives of millions through his many books, including The Essential Zohar, Immortality, Wheels of a Soul, To the Power of One, Secret Codes of The Universe, and Education of a Kabbalist. Under his guidance, The Kabbalah Centre has published the first complete English translation and commentary on the Zohar.

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