Education of a kabbalist / הרב ברג

Education of a kabbalist

הרב ברג

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת לימודי קבלה, בשנת 2000, מכיל 167 עמודים,

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Kabbalah is the world's oldest mystical tradition, predating any organized any organized religion. It is nothing less than a fully comprehensive guide to ilfe - a set of spiritual tools for dealing with challenges, revelations, setbacks and successes. Ultimately, it is a path to a transcendence. No aspect of Kabbala is more important than the relationship between master and student. In Education of a Kabbalist, this essential element of a great spiritual tradition is illuminated. KABBALIST RAV BERG has been Director of the Kabbalah Centre since 1969 when he assumed leadership from Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Along with his wife, Karen, Rav Berg opened the doors of The Kabbalah Centre in 1971 to all persons interested in achieving self - improvement through spiritual realization. Under his leadership, The Kabbalah Centre has become an international forum, open to all persons seeking fulfillment and truth. Rav Berg was born in Williamsburg, New - York, into a family with a long rabbinical tradition. He studied at Beit Midrash Gavoha in Lakewood, New Jersey, and was ordained at the renowned rabbinical seminary, Torah VaDaat, in Williamsburg. In order to bring The Kabbalah Centre teachings to the English - speaking world, Rav Berg pursued dedicated study of the doctrines of FLav Yehuda Ashlag, the first contemporary Kabbalist and founder of The Kabbalah Centre. . His principle contribution to the dissemination of Kabbalah include the authorship, editing, translation and publication of many of its cardinal works, including Secret Codes of the Universe, Wheels of a Soul, and To the Pouter (f One. He lectures around the world on the meaning and universal laws of Kabbalah and has met privately with many world leaders, encouraging peace in volatile regions.

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