Essential essays on judaism / אליעזר ברקוביץ

Essential essays on judaism

אליעזר ברקוביץ

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת הוצאת שלם, בשנת 2003, מכיל 393 עמודים,

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PRAISE FOR ELIEZER BERKOVITS "One of the few trully creative and bold voices of contemporary [Judaism] is without any doubt that of Eliezer Berkovits. In his many impressive works Berkovits has donned the respective mantles of philosopher, historian, biblical scholar, religious polemicist, and scholar of Jewish law - all in order to champion his noble understanding of Jewish nationhod and Jewish faith." - Allan L. Nadler, Drew University "Berkovits... trackles dlfficult philosophical and theological questions clearly and concisely, using the wealth of talmudic resources that he controls to clarify and illuminate, and, most impressively, to provide access to the inner dimensions of what Judaism is all about." - Charles Raffel, Yeshiva University ELIEZER BERKOVITS (1908 - 1992) was chairman of the philosophy department at Hebrew Theological College in Chicago, and is today recognized as having been one of the leadling Jewish thinkers of the last century. Essential Essays on Judaism is the first anthology gathering many of Berkovits' most important writings on subjects such as morality, theology, Jewish law, Zionism, and the Holocaust. DAVID HAZONY is Senior Editor of Azure, a journal of Jewish history, politics, and philosophy published in Jerusalem.


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