Heavier than heaven - the Biography of Kurt Cobain / Charles R. Cross

Heavier than heaven

the Biography of Kurt Cobain

Charles R. Cross

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Kurt Cobain's life and death fast became rock'n'roll legend. The worldwide success of his band, Nirvana, defined the music scene in the early 1990s and their songs spoke to and for a generation. Music journalist Charles R. Cross, a veteran of the Seattle music scene, relates this extraordinary story of artistic brilliance and the pain that extinguished it. HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN is the definitive life of one of the twentieth century's most creative and troubled music geniuses. [A] superbly researched and harrowing book...The squalor is ghastly but the sheer sadness of Cobain's brief life is beautifully conveyed hire. Cross has painstakingly accumulated a wealth of telling detail.' Robert Sandall in THE SUNDAY TIMES 'Cross's research is impeccable...he writes with a find mixture of sympathy and sense, weeding the myth of all its lies and exaggerations, but never minimising the complexity of his subject. Heavier than Heaven is, or should be, the last word on Kurt Cobain;' Lynn Barber in the Daily TELEGRAPH 'i was very glad to read this biography, the result of four years' research and 400 interviews, not to mention the sainted Kurt's police and medical records AND h% unpublished journals. I was in hog heaven all the way through - in a caring, Wistful way, of course.' Julie Burchlll iri the GUARDIAN 'The most vivid account yet of the life of the most gifted artist of the post - punk generation. Will enthral even the most casual reader.' Keith Cameron, Mojo 'The secret here is that Cross was allowed unprecedented access to Cobain's world; his diaries, artworks and most significantly the people who surrounded him. Cross may vividly depict the seemingly inevitable demise of a rock star but he also successfully conveys just what all the fuss was about in the first place.' THE LlST

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