Shmulik's jewish kitchen / שמואל כהן

Shmulik's jewish kitchen

שמואל כהן

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת מודן, בשנת 1994, מכיל 166 עמודים, בישול ואפיה » אוספים - מכל הבא ליד

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Shmulik`s Jewish Cooking ``Shmulik`s Jewish Cooking`` is a combination of food and nostalgia. To some it will evoke memories of Mother`s cooking, to others, of Grandma`s fragrant kitchen. And if you are not acquainted with this traditional rich food, come try some of its staples - Cholent, Gefilte Fish, Kishke, Tzimmes and many more. ``Shmulik`s Jewish Cooking`` attempts to preserve and record the flavors and fragrances of a fast disappearing era, through recipes combined with literary excerpts and humorous anecdotes. Shmulik himself has presided for many years, together with his wife Carmela, over the pots in their own Jewish restaurant.

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