Love: A Celebration in Art and Literature / Jane Lahr

Love: A Celebration in Art and Literature

Jane Lahr & Lena Tabori

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What is love? Does it start in the mind or the heart? How do you make love stay? For centuries, these questions have been posed and pondered by novelists, poets, essayists, playwrights, lyricists, painters and sculptures throughout the world.

“Love: A Celebration in Art and Literature” is a collection of the most eloquent and artistic expressions of romantic love created since ancient times, This lavishly illustrated volume progresses from young love and courtship to passion, commitment and the celebration of enduring, mature love.
Each of the more than 100 literary selections and works of art has been chosen because it explores the affirmative, hallowing, and nurturing aspect if love.

Here is the thoughtful prose of Vonnegut, McVullersm and Wolfe; the exultant poetry of Shakespeare, Lawrence, Bly, and Cummings; the shameless ecstasy of Cole Porter's “You're the Top”; The profundity of Martin Buber in “I and Thou”; the wit of Giraudoux and Colette. Equally moving are the works of art which include paintings, drawings, sculpture, cartoons, and illustrations gathered from museums and private collections around the world. Each complements, contrasts and creates a remarkable dialogue with the text. From Chagall and Picasso and Brancusi to Folon and Sempé and Steig, love is cherished and probed by these artists with joy, respect, humor, and conviction.

Three visual assays, “Young Love”, “The kiss”, and “We Two from a Multitude” mirror the milestones in lovers' lives.
For those in love, in love with love, irsurprising cause for reflection, renewal and rejoicing.

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