Early Prophecy In Israel / בנימין אופנהיימר

Early Prophecy In Israel

בנימין אופנהיימר

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This Book, An Expanded Translation Of The Hebrew Original, Is A Penetrating Study Of Early Hebrew Prophecy As Portrayed In The Old Testament. Professor Uffenheimer Discusses The Historical, Theological And Social Aspects Of This Unique Phenomenon, From Its Beginnings To The Emergence Of Classical Prophecy In The 8th Century Bce – A Period Stretching From The Prophetic Leadership Of Moses And The Charismatic Savior-judges, Through The Court Prophets Of The United Monarchy, To The Militant Prophets Of The Northern Kingdom, Culminating In The Internal Crisis Under Jehu That Led To The Evolution Of Classical Prophecy. The Author Draws, On The One Hand, Upon Extra-biblical, Near Eastern Material (the Mari Documents, Hittie Vassal Treaties, Etc.); On The Other, He Relies Upon Inner Literary Analysis Of The Biblical Sources Themselves. Among Other Things, He Contests Some Of The Innovative Theories That Have Been Proposed To Account Biblical Prophecy.

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