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A great tie in for the latest in the series of blockbuster direct-to-DVD Barbie films.


The latest direct–to–video Barbie movie, Barbie Thumbelina, comes alive as the newest addition to our best-selling panorama sticker book series. Featuring the story of Barbie as Thumbelina, and her adventures with the Twillerbees, girls can read the story and then create their own version with lots of charming, reusable stickers and a lushly illustrated two-sided playboard that folds out of the back cover. This format captures the magic and excitement of the latest Barbie movie while inspiring hours of creative and independent play.


It's Barbie sticker fun time! This exciting sticker play pack is based on the newest direct-to-video release featuring Barbie The Island Princess! Girls can follow along with the story and then create their own version with reusable stickers and a two-sided play board -- sure to inspire hours of creative play.

Follow Barbie as she plays a girl stranded on an island with only her animal friends, and then create their own version of the story with reusable stickers and a two-side playboard -- sure to inspire hours of creative play.

Set includes:

- 16-page full color storybook / over 20 reusable paper stickers to create multiple scenes / A double-sided vivid panoramic backdrop for sticker play that folds out from back cover

- Interactive -- kids place their stickers on the sticker board to recreate the story in the storybook.

With over 46 years, Barbie is the #1 girl's brand worldwide!...

Join the Fisher-Price Little People gang as they celebrate spring in the latest title of this lift-the-flap format, Spring is Here!


Packed with over 40 flaps, Spring is Here! celebrates all the things that make spring a special season: pretty flowers, rain showers, baby animals, outdoor games, and even a town clean-up day. Eddie, Sarah Lynn, and their friends discover colors, action words, and more as they enjoy everything this season has to offer. There's always something new to find making this book one kids will want to open again and again.


• Packed with flaps for little hands to open—over 40 fun flaps to lift!

• Lots of great learning concepts included: colors, action words, seek-and-find, and counting.

• Successful format - these popular Fisher-Price lift the flap books provide the perfect place for youngsters to explore early learning concept.

• Busy, colorful pages offer many new things to discover every time the books are opened.

• Bold labels enforce vocabulary-building and early word/object recognition.

• Every book is packed with early learning concepts (counting, colors, matching, action words, shapes, etc)

• Engaging, interactive formats encourage discovery and imagination....

A great tie-in for the latest in the series of blockbuster direct-to-DVD Barbie films.


Based on the latest direct–to–video Barbie movie, Barbie and the Three Musketeers, Barbie stars alongside Nikki, Teresa, and Summer in this retelling of the classic Alexandre Dumas story—with the girls as the musketeers! Young readers can follow along with the exciting adventures and then create their own version with lots of charming, reusable stickers and a lushly illustrated two-sided playboard that folds out of the back cover. This format captures the magic and excitement of the latest Barbie movie while inspiring hours of creative and independent play.


This storybook and play CD pack stars everyone's favorite actress -- Barbie! The pack comes with a book that retells four favorite movies: The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and The Princess and the Pauper. It also comes with a music player and four play CD's of songs, for a total of 24 different tunes. Prompts in the storybook tell readers when to play each song. Sure to be a hit with Barbie fans!...

A brand new, unique format, the Ask It Answer Finder, that sends text messages to readers from the popular characters in Disney Channel’s mega-hit High School Musical.


Based on the first two High School Musical movies, this book allows kids to ask their pals from East High for friendly advice. Sometimes we all need a little direction and it’s always great to get some feedback.  Easy as 1, 2, 3, kids just push a button on the Ask It answer finder to get a text message and see what Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay or Chad think about their questions on fashion, sports, homework, friendships and more.  Sure to provide hours of fun, first kids quiz themselves…then they see what the Wildcats say!


Cool format features interactive Ask It answer finder, from favorite and recognizable characters as a cool text message.


Features a handy clip for on-the-go fun!


One salamander springs away— 

  he's off to Salamander Rock.

He's got to join the swinging party 

  starting there at six o'clock!

Salamanders of every pattern and color are headed to a party at the local hangout: Salamander Rock. The journey is half the fun as salamanders young and old play tag, dance, and chase fireflies in the dark to pass the time. Bright foam tails and flaps scattered throughout the book add dimension and fun to this book that also encourages counting on every page.


• NEW format – book features pop-up foam coils and flaps throughout!

• Adorable rhyming story featuring the adventures of salamanders going to the “rock” party

• Learning concept: counting from 1 – 10

• Additional prompts encourage kids to find more hidden objects on the pages of the book


What's inside? This unique Look-Inside book helps kids find out. Our Animal Friends, the newest book in the series, takes kids on a fantastic journey to eight different ?animal environments.? Eddie, Maggie, and friends visit the rainforest, the desert, the arctic, and more in this wonderfully inviting book. Busy scenes and hundreds of objects (with labels) make this book a great interactive vocabulary-builder....

Cars is the story of Lightning McQueen, a hot-shot stock car who takes a wrong turn on the way to the most important race in his career. What will he find along the way? The book retells the story from the blockbuster movie and comes with a removable movie projector with five picture disks that let readers project 40 colorful images of action scenes from the movie on the wall. The projector also comes with its own built-in reading light, so the book can be read even when the lights are dimmed!...

Lots of sturdy flaps and a perfect holiday theme are freshly presented in the new release of a refreshed—and best-selling—Fisher-Price Little People Christmastime Is Here!(nearly half a million copies sold). The cover’s been redesigned to call out the attractive offerings in this book featuring lots on every page to engage children and embraces all of the fun aspects of the Season (Santa, sledding, caroling, and more). Fun flaps on every page, and familiar Little People characters (Eddie, Sonya Lee and their friends) make this a must have under every toddler’s tree.


Who is that lonely robot picking up the trash on Earth? It's WALL-E! from the director who brough you A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo, WALL-E is sure to please kids with its action-filled story. WALL-E fans are sure to love this book and projector set.

The book follows the exciting adventures of WALL-E and his new friend EVE, while the movie projector with ten picture disks lets readers project colorful story images from the movie on the wall while they read....

Those lovable Backyardigans—Tasha, Tyrone, Pablo, Uniqua, and Pablo—are back in an all-new adventure. Professor Tasha, the Dashing Adventurer, has just opened her Museum of Amazing Things. But there’s something missing! Join her as she embarks on an amazing adventure with the help of her fantastic, magical flute. With just a toot on her flute, she travels to ancient Egypt, helps save Pirate Pablo from a whirlpool, and saves Princess Uniqua from a fire-breathing dragon. Readers can join in the musical merriment with the flutaphone included with this book. It plays just like a real recorder, and also plays three songs when you push the button. And thanks to the printed lyrics inside, kids can play and sing along with the Backyardigans.


Containing stories based on two Backyardigan episodes, this book prompts kids to press the chunky, perfect-for-little-hands music player and play a tune as each story progresses.  Following each story are three spreads full of learning activities that kids can complete, using the music player, common household items, and their imaginations. The music player comes pre-loaded with 10 songs.


The story of Cars comes alive in this unique format. The book tells the story of Lightning McQueen, a hotshot race car determined to win the biggest race of his career. The book is paired with a McQueen car that actually drives on the book by following a printed track. The car has an infrared light that can "see" the track, while the McQueen car can be transformed with a Mater body to provide even more hours of driving fun....

More than just a rainy-day activity book, More Creative Crafts for Kids give kids all sorts of fun things to make and do—even eco friendly crafts—in the classroom or at home.


Creative kids—and their parents—will love this book that features lots and lots of crafts projects for every occasion and inspiration. Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions, with helpful photos, make creating fun crafts a breeze. They’re all based on readily available materials, and kids will love the variety of projects in this book, including fabric wall hangings, foam animals, platter painting, masks. There’s also a great section on ecological crafts made from recycled materials, including paper bag and wooden spoon puppets, and a village made out of shoe boxes.  This substantial collection of crafts is perfect for rainy days, thoughtful handmade gifts, classrooms, parties, and more.


Jonas Brothers have never been hotter, and now kids can read and sing along with their favorite band.


Rock out with the red-hot Jonas Brothers! With their sold-out concert tours, platinum CDs, performance in the Camp Rock TV movie, and a weekly TV show on the Disney Channel, this band of brothers has become one of the most popular acts in music. Now they’re starring in this 40-page book based on the brand-new TV show. After reading the book, fans can use the removable microphone to amplify their voices. The microphone is pre-programmed with one song for sing-along fun and two unique beats so that kids can make up their own songs.


Get ready to discover CREATIVE CRAFTS FOR KIDS. Creative kids will love this giant book that includes over 100 projects for any occasion or inspiration. With easy-to-understand directions and helpful step-by-step photos, making fun crafts is a breeze. Kids and their parents will love the variety in this book, including crafts from all over the world, holiday projects, do-it-yourself games, and much, much more.


• Over 100 projects

• List of materials listed for each craft

• EASY step-by-step instructions

• Great for school, home, and parties


Examples of some of these fun crafts to make:

Animal Crafts: Accordion Critters / Animal Streamers / Spiral Snakes / Finger Puppets

Games: Fishing Game / Balloon Monsters / Halloween Puppets / Fishing Game

World Crafts: Navajo Chief’s Shield / Chinese Dragon / Totem Pole

Masks: Wild Animal Masks / Handyman’s Masks / African Masks / Seashell Mask

Paper Crafts: Quick and Colorful Cards / Mosaic Cards / Torn Paper Portraits / Tie-Dye Paper

Gift Crafts: Artist’s Apron / Felt Key Chains / Floral Picture Frames / Fish Paperweight


This Little People flap book is sure to be a hit with kids! Eddie, Sonya Lee, and their friends spend the day at a farm, and toddlers can explore right alongside them. Whether visiting the barn, playing with the animals or "working" at the farm stand, favorite Little People characters show all the fun there is to be had in this environment. On each spread, simple concepts are taught, including colors, shapes, counting and opposites....

Inside the book, there are five classic Disney Princess stories—Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White. The unique movie projector comes with five picture disks that let readers project 40 colorful story images on the wall as they read. The projector also comes with its own built-in reading light so the book can be read even when the lights are dimmed....

Dancing, music, and romance feature prominently in the lives of the Disney Princesses, and this storybook and play CD pack offers young fans of the Princesses plenty of opportunity to sing and dance their days away with Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Cinderella, and Belle (Beauty and the Beast). The pack comes with a 32-page storybook featuring brand new stories about the princesses, accompanied by a music disk for each that plays a special song from her movie, plus a selection of popular classical favorites....

It’s Barbie sticker fun time!  This exciting sticker play pack is based on the newest direct-to-video - Mariposa.  Girls can follow along with the story and then create their own version with reusable stickers and a two-sided play board - sure to inspire hours of creative play.


Girls can read the story featuring favorites Elina and Bibble, as well as a new character, Mariposa, who is a butterfly fairy, and then create their own version of the story with reusable stickers and a two-sided playboard—sure to inspire hours of creative play.


• Set includes:  16-page full color storybook / over 20 reusable paper stickers to create multiple scenes  / A double-sided vivid panoramic backdrop for sticker play that folds out from back cover

• Interactive—kids place their stickers on the sticker board to recreate the story in the storybook.

• Storybook and stickers are stapled into the sticker board to keep components together at retail.


The best-selling Baby's First Bible is the perfect introduction for young children to the Bible. Carefully selected stories timeless verses, and delightful rhymes take young children on a journey from creation through the resurrection. Perfectly portable with a built-in plastic handle, this book can go anywhere. A simple activity on each spread, peek-through windows, and beautiful illustrations will make Baby's First Bible a book to treasure!...

The popular mix and match format is ideal for mixing and matching countless outfits and looks for Barbie. The new illustrated art style makes Barbie fresh, modern, and consistent with the latest Barbie product.


Filled with images of Barbie doing what she does best—modeling lots of different clothes— this book is sure to be a hit with fashion-forward girls. Readers will enjoy the light whimsical text and will love to flip the pages to create an endless number of Barbie outfits. With three interchangeable tabs per page, readers can make Barbie look picture-perfect, stylishly askew, or outrageously silly, too! But each fun look features the new illustrated style of Barbie, so everything about this addition to the line of successful Mix & Match titles is the latest and greatest in all things Barbie.


This unique format features a colorful and charming Chinese dragon weaving its way through the fun storybook featuring Nick Jr.’s latest hit character: Ni Hao Kai-Lan.


Based on Ni Hao, Kai-lan, the new animated series from Nickelodeon (and inspired by the best-selling book Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer), The Dragon Dance features a colorful “covered slinky” that serves as the body of a dragon, a traditional symbol in Chinese festivities. The two-color “dragon” stretches and winds through the pages of the book as Kai-lan and her lovable animal friends join the dragon in a colorful parade and dance. In addition to the fun, there are also important little lessons to help preschoolers identify their feelings, learn Chinese words, manage their emotions, and understand the world around them.


Everyone needs a hug sometimes and Elmo loves to give them! Being a good friend means being encouraging, comforting, and happy for others—all good reasons for giving someone a hug, and all expressed in this storybook. Kids will love using the adorable plush arms attached to help Elmo hug all his friends. Extra activities on each spread encourage kids to use the plush arms to pat, blow kisses, and wave....

ZOINKS! Our new Magnetic Book and Playset format is here! This is a perfect portable pack starring Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Mystery, Inc. gang.

Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the other members of Mystery, Inc. will be right at your side no matter where you go, thanks to this go-anywhere set. Inside the handy plastic storage case, fans of TV's top dog will find a fun-filled storybook starring Scooby-Doo and his pals. It also comes with three double-sided play scenes, and three magnetic sheets with 60 magnetic stickers. Scooby-Doo fans can read the book, and then use it as inspiration to create their own Scooby scenes with the backgrounds and magnetic play pieces.


? 16 page storybook ? The Haunted Hollywood Health Club

? 3 double-sided cards include 8 playscenes which include the gym, the outdoor pool, the spa treatment room, dining hall, stables, gazebo, ballroom, auditorium

? 3 magnetic sheets with 60 magnets include: Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred, an open box of Scooby Snacks, The Mystery Machine, monsters, gym equipment, plates with food, dog bones, and tons more.

? Very cool bright orange case to keep everything together!...

Dynamic, interactive, and fun magnetic book and playset offers readers take-anywhere fun and their favorite G.I. Joe characters.


G.I. Joe fans can create their own exciting action scenes with the take-anywhere book and magnetic playset. It comes with a storybook featuring inside information about G.I. Joe heroes and villains, plus dozens of magnets to be placed on the dynamic playscenes. Duke, Gung Ho, Cobra Commander, and more will be right by every fan’s side no matter where they go, thanks to this perfectly portable pack.


The Marvel Heroes are in full-action mode in this colorful Book and Magnetic Playset. Two books feature the origin stories of Marvel's most popular heroes and origins of Marvel's biggest villains. Using the books as inspiration, kids can create a variety of unique Super Hero scenes using the magnets and 6 play scenes contained in the handy plastic case. With a colorful cast of characters from Captain America to Spider-Man and the X-Men, this portable playset will provide kids with hours of imaginative play....

Based on the popular Little People A to Z Learning Zoo play set from Fisher-Price, this newest title in the best-selling lift-the-flap series is sure to become a hit!

It's bright and early at the zoo.

The monkey wakes. "Oo-oo-ooo!"

"ROARRR!" says the lion. "Baaa," says the sheep.

Only the giraffe does not make a peep

Featuring lots of new animals, Let's Go to the Zoo! teaches colors, counting, matching, and more in an entertaining way. With surprises hidden behind dozens of flaps, kids will want to visit the Fisher-Price zoo again and again!...

Favorite Little People characters show all the fun there is to be had in and around the classroom through a charming book featuring lots of flaps for little hands to open.


This Little People® flap book is sure to be any toddler’s favorite. Eddie, Sonya Lee, and their friends all enjoy a typical day at preschool in this big book packed with flaps for little hands to open! Whether exploring the classroom, putting on a play, or enjoying the playground, favorite Little People characters show all the fun there is to be had in and around the classroom.


This fun storybook comes with a fashionable tote bag made from excess fabric exclusively created for Barbie’s clothing. The format makes a cool fashion statement while being environmentally friendly, and each book comes with a unique and truly collectible Barbie piece as each bag is one-of-a-kind.

Barbie knows how important it is to care for the environment, so when she and her friends head off for the day, she makes sure to bring along her reusable tote bag! They'll ride their bikes to town (no gas-guzzling for them!) and bring along their own water. They'll definitely stop by the farmer's market and make some contributions to the charity clothes drive. The bag that comes with the book is made from unique Barbie fabrics each of a different variety of colors, textures, styles, and prints, allowing each 11” x 14” tote bag to be an exclusive, collectible Barbie fashion piece.  Girls will love to read the story and use their own tote bag, just like Barbie.


Bright colors, an irresistible big foam Elmo on the cover, and five inviting tabs beg kids to open One, Two, Zoo! As readers explore the zoo with Elmo and his buddies, they will find lots of animals and animal babies to count. Each scene features extra activities and engaging questions to keep kids counting!...

You take pride in your child's many accomplishments-now you can record and organize their scholastic and extra-curricular successes in one place. The exquisite 28-page record book follows a simple yet charming template that will help you effortlessly create a book of memories for your child. Special features of the record book include: * Pockets to collect memorabilia like report cards, newspaper clippings, tests, awards, essays, artwork, and more * Guided pages to chronicle accomplishments and memories * An elastic band to keep records in place * A concealed wiro binding to lay flat for easy use * A space to place your child's school photo from every year Open up that Tupperware box, rifle through old and new school items, and get ready to create a lasting keepsake album that you and your child will treasure. REVIEW AUTHORBIO...

A dynamic and fun storybook comes with a voice changer device that transforms your voice to sound like the awesome Transformers character, Optimus Prime.


Based on the exciting new Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, this book and electronic voice changer puts readers—and their voices—into the middle of the action. The voice changer microphone can be used to amplify and alter voices to sound like the heroic Autobot, Optimus Prime, as well as make two cool sound effects. Special icons appear throughout the story encouraging young readers to use their voice, making this a totally new and cool way to be a part of all the Transformers action.


Hannah is hot! Kids will love reading the book and singing into the “blinged-out” microphone, enabling them to put themselves right into the story and sing along with one melody or make up their own with two included riff beats.


Hannah Montana Awesome Adventures contains four episode-based stories featuring everyone’s favorite pop star and her friends. After reading the stories, use the cool, glitzy, removable microphone to amplify your voice. The microphone is pre-programmed with the hit Hannah Montana song “Just Like You” as well as two rhythm riffs for sing-along fun. Comes with two double-sided pull-out posters, too!


Dynamic and fun mix-and-match pages offer readers awesome looks for their favorite Transformers characters.


Everyone knows Transformers change from robots to vehicles, but you’ve never seen them change like they do in this Mix & Match book. Inspired by Revenge of the Fallen, the new Transformers movie, this colorful book lets kids create countless character combinations by simply flipping one or more of the three die-cut panels on each page. Imagine a Transformer that has Optimus Prime’s head, Bumblebee’s body, and Ratchet’s legs. That’s just one of more than 200 unique Transformers combinations readers can make with this playful book.


A captivating storybook and dozens of dynamic and vibrant reusable stickers of favorite Marvel Heroes used on a huge fold-out scene make for an irresistible package.


Marvel Heroes fans can create their own action-packed superhero scenes with this fun-filled Panorama Sticker Book. The 16-page storybook is just the beginning of the excitement. Using the storybook as inspiration, kids can use the big illustrated gatefold that extends from the book as a backdrop to add dynamic reusable stickers of all their favorite superheroes, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk. And since the stickers are removable—and reusable— kids can create countless combinations of super scenes for hours of entertainment!


Set in 1920s New Orleans—the birthplace of jazz—the story of Tiana will captivate girls with its fairy tale plot. The mysterious bayous, a comical singing crocodile, voodoo spells, Cajun charm, and the elegance of the fabled French Quarter permeate the story. This book comes with a unique movie projector shaped like a star plus six picture disks that let readers project colorful story images on the wall as they read....

Girls can read through Barbie’s datebook and then create their own stories with two magnetized figures, six play scenes, and lots of magnetized fashions—sure to inspire hours of creative play. Everything fits into a handy, portable carrying case.


This perfectly portable case is packed with cool things. There is a book loaded with pictures of Barbie, two magnetized "dolls," six play scenes, and lots of magnetized fashions. Barbie fans can be inspired by reading Barbie’s datebook and then create their own story scenarios with the dolls, play scenes, and fun fashions. There isn’t a better way for kids to have fun and use creativity in bringing to life their own stories with Barbie.


Elmo knows that Earth is a wonderful place full of plants, animals, insects, and people. Packed with pop-ups, wheels to turn, and flaps to open, Let's Help the Earth teaches nature appreciation and the simple things kids and adults can both do to take care of the planet. Included is a removable list of reminders everyone can use to keep Earth beautiful!...

Our classic and best-selling Disney Princess Music Player book, with fresh new cover art, smaller trim, and special “pearlized” music player.


This enchanting format features children’s favorite Disney Princesses in brand-new and exciting stories. Little ones can join Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle in four original stories. This beautiful 32-page storybook, with brand new Princess cover art, comes with a special “pearlized” plastic music player and four disks—one for each princess. Each disk features on Disney song, and a selection of charming classical favorites. Children will be delighted with this fun and innovative new book, and will love reading the further adventures of some of their favorite Disney characters.


Kids will love exploring the Toy Story world with this book and 3-D viewer set. The book, based on the best moments from Toy Story 1 and 2, prompts kids to view one of thirty two 3-D images with the viewer that doesn't require batteries.  The 3-D cards will allow kids to see Andy, Buzz, Woody, Jesse, Rex, Hamm, the Aliens, Bullseye and Mr. Potato Head  in all of their favorite scenes from both movies!...

Dynamic and fun mix-and-match pages offer readers awesome looks for their favorite G.I. Joe characters.


Inspired by G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, this colorful book lets kids create countless character combinations by simply flipping one or more of the three die-cut panels on each page. Imagine a soldier that has Duke’s head, Cobra Commander’s body, and Gung Ho’s legs. That’s just one of more than 200 unique G.I. Joe combinations readers can make with this playful book.


The potato must be the most versatile of all cooking ingredients; it makes marvelous side dishes, wholesome soups, spicy pies, even sweet deserts-there are almost no limits to the variations possible with the common or garden spud. And in addition to providing culinary delight, the potato also contains numerous nutrients with low calories. With 250 mouth-watering recipes and special "Cook's Tip" sidebars, The Great Potato Cookbook is a must-have on every cook's shelf. Skeptical about the versatility of the potato? Just try: * Bouillon potatoes served with beef * Westphalian potato soup * Potato soufflé with parmesan and pancetta cheeses * Austrian apricot dumplings * Toulouse sausage with lentils and pumpkin and potato mash * Moist potato doughnuts Along with recipes, you'll also find a detailed history of the potato, descriptions and pictures of the different types of potatoes, and how to choose, store, and cook potatoes in a variety of ways. Whatever you rustle up with this healthy vegetable, it won't take long for you to figure out that the potato always tastes good. REVIEW AUTHORBIO...

This treasury focuses on the most enduring moments in the stories of six princesses—Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Jasmine. Illustrated tabs on every page help young readers quickly find their favorite stories. The sturdy handle lets girls take this book wherever they go.


This book will have lots of musical fun for SpongeBob fans, featuring the best of the hit TV show. Kids can read the book which features ?best of? vignettes from favorite SpongeBob episodes, and when prompted, turn the crank on the "music mover" to hear the music and see SpongeBob and Patrick move.  Fun, kitschy Hawaiian music will play when the Music Mover is operated....

Two colorful pom-poms accompany a book packed with fun cheers for every occasion.


Give me a “GREAT.” Give me a “BIG.” Give me a “FUN.” What’s that spell? “GREAT BIG FUN!” for everyone! You’ll find the words and moves for over 50 cheers for every reason—team sports, school activities, parties, celebrations, and more. You’ll learn how to write your own cheers and how to create the just-right routines to go with them. And all of these cheers can be punctuated with the colorful pom-poms that come with this book.


Fun farm animal noises, plus counting concepts, make this the perfect application for this innovative format.


Learning is fun with this innovative, interactive puzzle book. Each spread features bright photos of kids’ favorite farm animals (horse, cow, duck, pig, and lamb) with recessed areas in the pages where kids place one of the included puzzle pieces. Children will be amazed by how once the correct puzzle piece is inserted into the recessed area, they are rewarded with hearing the sound that that animal makes! Clever, engaging, educational, and fun: all the pieces fit perfectly together in this new format....


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