Elizabeth Laird

Elizabeth Laird


It is the time of the American Gold Rush. Jonas Clark loves Hetty Gray, but is too poor to marry her. People think there is gold in Dead Man's River, but they also think there are ghosts there too. Jonas tries his luck, and is successful, but not in the way he had imagined....

Because the Iraqi secret police are looking for her father, Tara Hawrami and her family must flee the only home they have ever known and live in a brutal refugee camp. "An important contribution to the growing number of refugee stories."--Kirkus Reviews, pointered review. An ALA Best Book for Young Adults....


Oranges in No Man's Land tells the riveting story of ten-year-old Ayesha's terrifying journey across no man's land to reach a doctor in hostile territory in search of medicine for her dying grandmother.

Set in Lebanon during the civil war, this story is told by award-winning author Elizabeth Laird and is based on personal, real-life events. Elizabeth stayed on the green line in Beirut in 1977 in a war-damaged flat with her husband and six-month-old son. Memories of her son sleeping in a suitcase on the floor, taking his first steps on the bullet-riddled balcony, playing with the soldiers on the checkpoint, and her husband racing through no man's land in the buildup to a battle have all inspired this gripping and moving story.

Elizabeth Laird says, "When I wrote Oranges in No Man's Land, I didn't know that Lebanon would be plunged back so soon into a nightmare. Caught up in that nightmare are children like Ayesha and Samar, whose lives political leaders so easily throw away."

Elizabeth Laird has been nominated four times for the Carnegie Medal and has won both the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize and the Children's Book Award (UK). Her numerous books, including A Little Piece of Ground (Haymarket Books, 2006), have been published around the world.


This new title in the illustrated Let’s Read! language-learning series is a real page-turner! It’s a story for kids, written in a bilingual Spanish and English format, which encourages boys and girls who are independent readers in their own language to begin learning a second language. All Let’s Read books present original stories of action and adventure geared to young readers’ interests. Meanwhile, kids begin to learn a new language, compare it with their own, and start out on a path toward bilingual fluency. As they read, children discover that they don’t need to learn every single new word that they encounter in the second language. As unfamiliar words appear and reappear in the story’s context, they will pick up meanings effortlessly, just as they pick up and understand new words in their own language. The parallel text, illustrations, and dialogue balloons on every page give kids a child-friendly bridge to reading and speaking in a second language. Let’s Read books are available in both French/English and Spanish/English editions....

For millennia, Somalia has been crossed and recrossed by camel caravans of merchants, bringing with them stories such as "The Good Prince," in which a kindhearted prince conquers the evil magic of a beautiful sorceress, and "The Ogress and the Snake," a Somali Hansel and Gretel story about five little girls, abandoned in the desert, who take refuge in the house of a man-eating ogress. Elizabeth Laird heard many of these tales in Jigjiga, the capital of Ethiopia's Somali region. She gathers together the finest of them in The Ogress and the Snake and Other Stories from Somalia. The stories abound with colorful characters — Deya Ali, the greedy trickster fox; Kabaalaf the shopkeeper, crooked as a jug-handle, who meets his match in the slippery Hirsi; and the miraculous (and bodyless) Head, whose magic powers conjure up a talking camel and bring him a princess. These and the other magical tales in this delightful collection are the perfect introduction to a fascinating and little-known country.


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