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המדריך סוקר בהרחבה כלי טיס בחילות אויר שונים, מטוסי קרב, תובלה, מסוקים, סמלי החילות וכו'. יש גם אינדקס מפורט. ...

A massage is a lover's delight to give and receive. Offering your partner this sensual pleasure brings special feelings of satisfaction and confidence--and you'll learn how to do it with skill and creativity through these lovely photos and accompanying instructions. Even preparing for the ...

Designing a garden to accommodate the often competing desires of the entire family can be difficult and in a small plot, the challenge may seem even more overwhelming. That’s where this inspiring collection of gardening plans can prove invaluable: it features comprehensive advice for choosing...

Don’t get olderget better! Knock 20 years off your biological age in only eight weeks with this highly successful plan from the UK’s leading health and fitness experts. Tim Bean and Anne Laing share their wealth of experience to make you look and feel amazing. They offer sc...

Discover the all-around mind and body benefits of boxing with an exciting program that keeps you motivated and on your toes. Burn calories and increase cardiovascular fitness, enhance muscle tone and flexibility, increase strength, stamina and energy levels, relieve stress, improve concentration and...

A lively game not only enables young muscles to grow strong, but also frequently helps improve balance, coordination, dexterity, and concentration. So send your kids out into the great outdoors for some fun fresh air with these perennial favorites and some unique variations for children age 3 t...


Kids will love making these gifts—and everyone else will love receiving them! This sequel to the extremely popular Crafts for Kids will keep youngsters happily occupied creating a wide selection of fun, graded, and easy-to-follow projec...

Hamlyn 200 Easy Dinners is perfect for anyone who loves to eat well at the end of the day but doesn't have the time to prepare an elaborate meal. Containing 200 easy-to-make recipes, each accompanied by a full-page color photograph, this comprehensive cookbook shows you how to create dinner in a das...


Become a master illusionist in no time at all with the help of this practical new guide that makes magic easy for tricksters of all ages.  All the techniques needed to dazzle friends and family with 101 clever card tricks are here: practice spe...

“A home without a cat, and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat, may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove its title?” questioned Mark Twain, and he had a point. This comprehensive guide provides all of the information you need to keep your feline friend purring throu...

To maintain a good quality of life, dogs—like humans—need to stay in shape. But modern-day Fidos often eat too much and exercise too little. This holistic approach to canine weight control can solve the problem…for good. It’s the first guide of its kind, easily accessible and practical,...

Another fantastic addition to the 10 Steps series! Ian Sidaway turns novices into adept artists in just one painting. This unique course guides beginners through the individual elements of a still-life until they’ve mastered all the necessary techniques for working with oils. Students ...

Soup lovers rejoice - here are 200 easy recipes that are almost as easy an opening a can. Ranging from warm and filling classics like potato and parsley to chilled fruit soups for hot summer evenings, these soups are both delicious and nutritious. ...

Whether you want to boost your energy levels, detoxify your system or simply quench your thirst, Juices and Smoothies shows you the tasty and easy way to drink 5-a-day.  With no loss of all the essential nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables, these quick and easy-to-make recipes will refres...

Make delicious, memorable meals in minutes--in a single pot! More than50 scrumptious recipes include surprising soups, creative casseroles, and enticing side dishes, all offering the ultimate in easy preparation. And with only one pot to wash, cleanup is a cinch. Warm every belly with Sweet Pot...

Just because time is short, doesn't mean you can't whip up roasted pumpkin soup, a warm scallop salad or a caramel ice cream cake. This handy book offers over 200 varied and simple-to-make dishes for every occasion. ...

A practical and accessible guide to growing your own delicious vegetables at home.

Whether you have a front garden, a back garden, or a humble window box, here is everything you need to know about planting, nurturing and producing beautiful vegetables that will nourish your family. Expe...

200 Super Salads provides over 200 varied salads for every occasion including healthy summer salads, exotic fruit salads and warm salads for winter. Beautiful photographs and clear instructions make this book perfect for every cook.  Presented in a handy format with easy-to-follow recipes, 200 Sup...

Put your shovel back in the shed and discover the lazy way to have a lovely garden with these 200 practical ideas for creating the perfect garden at your leisure. This inspiring and practical guide offers expert advice....

Walk on to the beach with confidence with this simple 4-week plan. Each week offers great advice on healthy eating, details the nutrients found in your food, and provides easy and effective step-by-step fat-burning and muscle toning exercises. Bikini Fit also shows you the best beauty treat...

For everyone who loves the taste and aroma of authentic, home-made curry, this wide-ranging cookbook is packed with simple and delicious recipes for different curries from around the world. Whether you prefer the tangy taste of Lemongrass Chicken Curry, the smells of Aromatic Pork Belly Curry or the...

Bring the flavors of Italy to your table with this essential collection of over 120 simple yet stylish recipes suitable for every day of the week. 30-Minute Italian is an indispensable guide to quick and easy Italian cooking. The dishes include classics such as Spaghetti Vongole and Risotto alla ...

Learn the culinary techniques taught to professionals with this comprehensive guide to cooking.Chef School takes you through all the culinary processes you need to be a great cook, teaching you everything from the fundamental to the flamboyant. Whether you want to brush up on your existing skills or...

Decorating a child’s room is very much like buying the child clothes: however terrific your choices, they’ll soon be outgrown and need replacing. That’s why Mom and Dad will really go for these 30 easy-to-build, money-saving projects—including several kinds of desks, a free-standing cha...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects 1 in 5 people around the world and is second only to the common cold as a cause of workplace absenteeism. Tracy Parker, a dietician who has spent six years in scientific research on IBS, has found that diet and lifestyle changes are the most effective ways of ge...

Tailored to meet the needs of the first time bonsai owner, this book is an extensive directory of every major bonsai type.Bonsai Basics explains in detail all the techniques needed to keep a bonsai alive and in good shape.  Clear text and step-by-step illustrations ensure that even the mos...

This funky carton contains 3 books packed with delicious juices and smoothies, all in an innovative package. Containing a huge collection of over 200 quick and tasty juices and smoothies, each recipe's ingredients provide essential nutrients needed to help maintain your health and vitality. From e...

There's fit...and then there's bikini fit! Here's how to become a "10" in as little as four weeks. Week One starts with a thorough detoxifying, using a special combination of food, drink, and exercise to cleanse pores, balance moisture, and rid the body and skin of trapped poisons. In Week...

Let’s face it, most men need fashion advice, and few of them are going to receive a visit from the Queer Eye gang. That’s where Image Matters for Men comes in. In seven idea-packed chapters the Average Joe will learn which clothes will flatter his coloring and his build, which...

One of Britain’s leading organic gardeners shows how to create a natural garden that looks great, teems with wildlife, and yields delicious, healthy produce. Almost everyone has concerns about how pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and other chemicals affect both the environment and our fo...

Discover the throes of passion... The more you get the more you'll want,which is where the quickie comes into its own! Brimming with fantasy, frolics, and forbidden fruit, the book includes explicit details of top techniques for round-the-clock satisfaction, naughty ruses, saucy suggestions and wick...

From flowers and foliage to ferns and grasses, learn to create the perfect garden with the best perennials. This handy format offers experts, practical advice and inspiration....

With annual sales of 200,000 copies, Top 10 of Everything is clearly the place people go to get the lowdown on what or who was the best, worst, richest, fiercest, deadliest, or simply biggest of practically anything. It features 600 lists on a diverse range of subjects, from bl...

Juice it…and lose it! Amanda Cross, whose Miracle Juices (co-written with Charmaine Yabsley) sold more than 170,000 copies worldwide, is back with a juice diet that’s positively life-changing. Whether the goal is to fit into a special outfit, look beach-ready, or kickstart long-term ...


The wedding bouquet, like the center jewel in the engagement ring, is a focal point for the celebration. The bouquet’s colors, arrangement, and even fragrance, can express the mood and style of the ceremony, from the bridal gown and attendants...

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t get the body you want. That’s because those excess inches aren’t necessarily excess fat: sometimes bloat is to blame, due to bad digestion, dairy intolerance, fluid retention, or stress. Fortunately, this practical, information-packe...

Embark on this cooking course and learn to master the classic baking recipes, which are accompanied by an aerial-shot photo for every step.
This unique approach is perfect for the not-so-confident chef with every stage of preparation shown from above, so you can't go wron...

Every child loves dressing up, but up until now making the costumes kids want has been both time consuming and difficult. No longer! Designed for children three to eight years old, these 30 costumes require little or no sewing, and feature interchangeable parts, such as wings, boots, tunics, an...


The first book from the Color Me Beautiful team—created more than 25 years ago—still continues to sell well, and the world’s leading image consultancy is back with an updated look at fashion and cosmetic...

Think vegetarian means bland and boring? Once you’ve tasted what Rose Elliot has on the menu—meals like Moroccan Lemon and Honey-seared Haloumi, Tea-smoked Chestnut Risotto, Grilled Plantain Cubes with Coconut Pesto—you’ll see meat-free cooking in a whole new light. Getting great result...

Toddlers may look angelic but they can try the patience of a saint. Covering common situations that every parent will recognize and accompanied by delightful illustrations, 50 WAYS TO TAME YOUR TODDLER, offers ingenious, tried-and-tested British strategies (think Mary Poppins and Supernanny Jo Frost...

Containers are the perfect way to restyle and refresh your garden. This book offers all you need to know to create beautiful containers.

Organized seasonally, here are offers 200 brilliant ideas for pots, window boxes, hanging baskets that allow you to to continually re-style your garden ...

There are currently 21 million quilters in the United States, and this collection of 20 stunning projects will have them running to their sewing machines. From the cute Spring Bunnies to the classic Cadeaux de Provence quilts, the festive Christmas Baubles wall hanging to the innovative Coffee ...

Get cooking with this cute collection of six miniature cookbooks filled with recipes:PastaWok
The ideal fun gift for any culinary enthusiast, this little oven contains six cookbooks on a...

No flower surpasses orchids for beauty and diversity, and with the expert advice, practical instructions, and beautiful how-to photos found here, even nervous newcomers can grow them with confidence. In addition to an extensive illustrated directory of the specialized and popular orchid groups,...

Follow these workouts and drop a dress size in only four weeks.

Get rid of flab, define muscles and burn fat with the help of this effective, gravity-defying workout book. Once you have mastered the basics, choose a plan to suit your body type and enhance your results. Use these 10-minute ...

 Whether you're looking for riotous outdoor fun or a calm indoor activity, this game book guarantees hours of entertainment.  With a wide range of brilliant ideas for one or more children The Best-Ever Kids Games is perfect for every occasion, rainy days, parties, f...

Whether you want to reduce your weight or establish a healthier lifestyle, this book outlines a comprehensive four-day eating plan with recipes and hints and tips on getting the most out of fat-burner foods.

With guaranteed weight-loss of seven pounds a week, without feeling hungry, Fat-Bur...

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