Animal dreams / Barbara Kingsolver

Animal dreams

Barbara Kingsolver

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת HARPER PERENNIAL, מכיל 342 עמודים, English Books » Fiction

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As far back as she can remember, Codi Noline had felt an outsider in her hometown of Grace, Arizona. Her dispassionate father - 'an obelisk of disapproval' - had always kept Codi and her sister Hallie apart from most of the townspeople. But now Hallie is abroad and Codi, troubled and lost, is returning after a fifteen-year absence to confront her past and face her ailing father. What Codi finds is a town threatened by a silent catastrophe and a man whose view of the world could change the course of her life forever. And what she learns about herself becomes an invaluable tool to unravelling the discontent that has haunted her since her childhood.

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