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India style

Alexandra Bonfante-Warren

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת Friedman/Fairfax, בשנת 2001, מכיל 96 עמודים, אמנות » ארכיטקטורה, עיצוב פנים

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From tantalizing sari fabrics draped over tables, banquettes, and beds to enticing palettes of riveting blues, energetic pinks, and warm golds, Indian decor has the power to uplift the soul and captivate the eye. Brimming with lavish full-color photographs and insightful text, India style depicts the unique beauty of this region's architecture, furnishings, and decorative accents and reveals countless ways of adapting these elements to create rooms that will dazzle and delight

Vivid palettes of deep indigo, playful pinks, and sultry saffron, exquisite sari fabrics bearing delicate gold and silver threads, and elegant divans lavished with pillows...these are only a few of the decorative items that India has offered to the world! Just as the land is rich in diversity, so is the culture. A host of different religions and a long history of invasions, have all left their mark. And these varied influences have contributed to the unique masala, or blend, that is Indian style! Today it is easy to being this aesthetic into your home.
So get inspired - make a splash in the living room and drape a bold sari on the back of a couch, enhance a bedroom with a shimmering sari inspired curtain, spice up a dining area with a tablecloth bearing Indian motifs, use hammered silver and brass bowls with floating rose petals and Miniature Moghul paintings to accessorize. Here are some ideas to create rooms that embody or hint at the enchantment of India.

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