The Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding / Lisa Schirch

The Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding

Lisa Schirch

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We'd all like a more peaceful world-no wars, no poverty, no more racism, no community disputes, no office tensions, no marital skirmishes. Lisa Schirch in her timely book sets forth paths to such realities. In fact, she points a way to more than the absence of conflict. She foresees justpeace-a sustainable state of affairs because it is a peace where insists on justice.

How to arrive there is the subject of this book. Peacebuilding recognizes the complexity and the effort this elusive ideal requires. Schirch singles out four critical actions that must be undertaken if peace is to take root at any level. 1) Waging conflict nonviolently; 2) Reducing direct violence; 3) transforming relationships; and 4) Building capacity.

She never imagines this to be quick-or an individual-task. Her clear and incisive strategy encourages enabling many approaches to peace, honestly assessing who holds power, and persuading and coercing, but always with keep judgment and precise timing.

From Schrich's 15 years of experience as a peacebuildong consultant in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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