The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace / Bruce Dickinson

The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace

Bruce Dickinson

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת Sidgwick And Jackson Ltd., בשנת 1990, מכיל 160 עמודים, English Books » Fiction
שפת הספר: אנגלית

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Lord Iffy Boatrace, morally decrepit aristocrat whose estate is in a severe state of dilapidation. To raise much-needed cash he arranges a grouse shoot at his estate at which he invites some of the Old Boys from school and their partners, who are invited to shoot what he ensures, are indestructible 'grouse'. But even he, with his penchant for fishnet stockings and stiletto heels, is stunned by the antics of his guests - to say nothing of the Butler who invented the ultimate sex machine!

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