Sudden Prey - The Prey #8 / John Sandford

Sudden Prey

John Sandford

The Prey 8
יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת Putnam, בשנת 1996, מכיל 360 עמודים, English Books » Fiction

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Revenge runs deep in John Sandford's most chilling novel yet.

With his last seven novels, John Sandford has proven himself a masterly thriller writer, his ability to combine rich human drama with edge-of-the-seat suspense earning him wide critical acclaim and an ever-growing audience. Many said his last novel, Mind Prey, was his best—but Sudden Prey is even better.

It begins with a death and ends with one. For months, Lucas Davenport's men have been tracking a vicious woman bank robber named Candy, and when they finally catch up with her, she does not go quietly. In the ensuing shoot-out, she dies — and Davenport's nightmare starts. For her associates are even worse than she was, particularly her husband, a deeply violent man who swears an appropriate revenge: first he will find the names of those responsible; then he will kill those nearest and dearest to them, just the way they did Candy.

So it begins. The husband of one officer is shot and killed. The wife of another is ambushed at work. When a third attack is thwarted, the pattern becomes clear to Davenport, and with an urgency born of rage and terror, he presses the hunt, desperately trying to track down the killers before they can strike again, before they can reach out for Davenport's own loved ones. But in this effort, he may already be too late.

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