Electrician's Exam Preparation / Michael Holt

Electrician's Exam Preparation

Michael Holt

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Based on the 1999 National Electrical Codeâ, this invaluable guide begins with such basics as electrical fundamentals, formulas, and circuits. More advanced topics such as conductor sizing and protection, outlet and junction boxes, motors, voltage drop, residential and commercial load calculations, and delta-wye transformers follow additional chapters on alternating current circuits, transformers, and generators. To ensure that readers really understand the material, detailed rationales work in direct concert with approximately 2400 practice test questions and answers. Features: -Based on the 1999 National Electrical Codeâ to ensure that readers have the most up-to-date information. -Numerous tables and illustrations give visual reinforcement -Plenty of test questions that provide lots of practice -Answers and detailed rationales ensure comprehension -Electrical calculations and formulas readers need to pass both the journeyman or master electrician’s competency exams


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