Collins French Club: Book 2 (Book & Audio CD) (Bk. 2) / Rosi McNab

Collins French Club: Book 2 (Book & Audio CD) (Bk. 2)

Rosi McNab

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Through a series of nine units, French Club uses puzzles, activities, and stories to explore grammar and vocabulary concepts in an entirely undaunting way. The recurring Détective feature encourages learners to explore the language for interesting new facts and rules, while regular Q&A-style tips address common queries about things like spelling, usage, and irregularities. The book also features quirky trivia about historical French figures like Napoleon and Louis IV, while grammar and everyday vocab are incorporated into topical themes such as the environment, hobbies, and daily routine. A CD full of stories, listening activities, tongue twisters, and jokes features native French-speaking children to ensure that users can learn a real accent from someone who is their own age.

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