Watercolour Textures (Collins Artist's Studio) / Ann Blockley

Watercolour Textures (Collins Artist's Studio)

Ann Blockley

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Ann Blockley is a successful artist, known for the innovative way in which she uses texture as a key element in her work, and this guide for intermediate painters looks specifically at how she achieves her stunning effects. Creating texture in watercolor can be quite a challenge, but this book brings a fresh approach to the subject. Ann explains how to manipulate the paint by lifting out color, scraping and scratching the paint, and using additional materials such as wax, salt, and metallic pigments. She also explains how the surface itself can play an important role in the effects that can be achieved, and experiments with acrylics, inks, gouache, and collage, as well as with watercolor. Ann also looks at the creative process and provides insights into how to develop ideas and portray texture in specific subjects, such as flowers and foliage, animals, still life, buildings, and landscapes. In order to provide a broader view and different styles of painting, the work of several guest artists is also featured.

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