Practical kde / Dennis E. Powell

Practical kde

Dennis E. Powell

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Page Count:-650 Pub Date:-November 1999 Book Description: In the ten months since its initial release, KDE has become the standard graphical interface for the revolutionary Linux operating system. Widely acclaimed, it eliminates many of the objections to the adoption of Linux on the desktop and for enterprise computing. Practical KDE suits the needs of those users who want to learn how to run KDE on their Linux system efficiently, effectively, and with an understandable guide that they can refer to over and over. Topics covered in Practical KDE include: 8Installation 8Configuration 8Adding Applications to the Desktop 8Navigating the Desktop 8Manipulating File Archives 8Preparing Documents with Klyx 8Mounting Drives 8KDE on the Network KDE is a powerful desktop suite for Linux and UNIX workstations. It combines power, ease of use, functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of Linux/UNIX operating systems. Audience: Business professionals and avid home computer users will buy this book for its usefulness and practical treatment of KDE. They have been exposed to Linux and KDE but haven´t necessarily used it. Understanding, rather than mastery, is what they are seeking to learn with Practical KDE. About the Author: Dennis E. Powell is an award-winning reporter and writer who has extensive experience in a variety of media over more than 25 years. He has written for Forbes FYI, The New York Post, Tropic (the magazine of The Miami Herald), and Yankee. He recently completed the section on Caldera´s DR-DOS in the upcoming Special Edition Using Microsoft DOS. Dennis has been involved in computing since the early days of the IBM PC. Since the acquisition of his first computer he has built all his own machines and those of friends, family, and commercial clients. He has several years´ experience with Linux and has employed KDE from its beginning.

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