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Using xml

Lee Anne Phillips

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Page Count:-1,200 Pub Date:-08-25-00 Book Description: SE Using XML is a comprehensive tutorial/reference that shows readers how to create XML documents and applications. This book begins with basic concepts and progresses through the creation of sophisticated XML projects. Additional topics include: · Using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) and Extensible Stylesheets (XSL) · Building and extending DTDs · How XML works with COM-based technologies · Implementing XML with Java technologies · XML and the Web Accessibility Initiative · XML and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Later chapters survey several industry implementations of XML-based languages, including XHTML, RDF, SMIL and MathML. About the Book Topic: stylesheets (XML is the future for Web publishing, e-commerce, search engines, and databases. XML is not a replacement for HTML--it is a companion technology. HTML is mainly used for designing graphical Web interfaces, whereas XML: · gives structure to the data and content on a Web site · enables Webmasters to create their own tags · makes it easier for search engines to find information XML is really a conglomerate of technologies which includes XMLXSL), a hypertext linking system (X Pointers), a method for regularizing the meaning of XML tags created by different people (namespaces), and a Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM provides an interoperable set of classes and methods to manipulate XML documents (as well as HTML documents) from programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and VBScript. Support for XML is growing: Office 2000, Internet Explorer 5 and the next version of Netscape Navigator support XML. Also, XML is crucial to Microsoft´s Windows DNA 2000 platform, on which all of its programming effort is focused this year. Audience: Experienced HTML users and Web developers who need to understand the principles and applications of the latest XML specification. What?s on the CD? · Freeware, shareware or demoware versions of many XML tools including IBM´s Alphaworks collection, XMLwriter, and the highly acclaimed XMetaL from SoftQuad · XML parsers · XML documentation and specifications · All the code and applications from the book About the Author: Lee Anne Phillips has been involved in data processing and networking for many years, as a mainframe systems programmer, firmware designer, network engineer, software architect, programming and project manager, and finally consultant until she just had to tell somebody about it. She previously wrote Practical HTML 4, and can be found at

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