Cig to music on the  internet with / Roy Underhill And Nat Gertler

Cig to music on the internet with

Roy Underhill And Nat Gertler

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Page Count:-350 Pub Date:-September 1999 Book Description: Authors Roy Underhill and Nat Gertler give the reader a history of how MP3 came to exist and what the technology is. They explain how and where to find the technology as well as how and where to find the music. They explore the legal issues that are brewing from recording companies and artists; what the implications are for the public; what can and cannot be digitized. Roy and Nat share with the reader "digital successes" of bands and individuals who have built success through MP3. They offer pointers and tips for would-be artists who want to make a run for the music industry. Roy brings more of the technological and historical expertise to the project whereas Nat puts the information into the easily read, conversational tone of the Complete Idiot´s Guides. The number of estimated Internet users tops nearly 153.25 million for the world. The United States has an estimated 87 million users online. Internet users have begun to realize that there are huge amounts of new music available through the Internet. MP3 has put power into the hands of the music listener and the small performer. Many recording companies are scrambling to counter the blow that MP3 could deliver to their industry. MP3 allows small performer to make their music available to a wide array of listeners which they otherwise could not have done due to the often impregnable recording company wall. Music periodicals like New Music Monthly, Jazz Times, and Rhythm have run cover stories on Internet music over the past 60 days. Audience: Any person who now uses (or wants to use) the Internet. This book will be valuable to all user levels of the Internet. It is especially good for the novice who is intimidated by computer jargon - yet wants to learn about music on the Internet. This book is great for anyone who enjoys listening to music as well as making music him or herself. About the Author: Roy Underhill and Nat Gertler. Roy has been appointed legal representative of, the public face of this music revolution. He is a recording artist himself as well as a music publisher.

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