Cig to microsoft windows 2000 / Paul Mcfedries

Cig to microsoft windows 2000

Paul Mcfedries

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Page Count:-425 Pub Date:-November 1999 PSR Book Description: The Complete Idiot´s Guide to Windows 2000 Professional is a completely new book that is now even better at making new and casual users feel comfortable while learning to use Windows 2000 Professional. An expert author mixes an irreverent, light, writing style with a keen sense of what the target audience needs to know about Windows 2000 Professional to be productive. The reader can count on the book providing much needed information without weighing them down with unnecessary details. This new edition feature complete coverage of many new Windows 2000 Professional features including Web integration, Plug and Play, notebook features, Internet Connection Wizard, Internet Explorer 5.0, and Outlook Express 5.0. Windows 2000 Professional is the long-awaited and highly anticipated upgrade to Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. With its long list of new and improved features, this new version will continue to be the operating system of choice for corporate users as well as small office and home office users. Audience: The following types of readers will benefit from this book:

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