Practical cisco routers / Allan Leinwand, Bruce Pinsky, And Mark Culpepper

Practical cisco routers

Allan Leinwand, Bruce Pinsky, And Mark Culpepper

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Page Count:-350 Pub Date:-August 1999 Book Description: This book is an excellent ?first purchase? for anyone interested in Router technology. It provides hands on steps and easy to follow screen captures for the basic configuration of a new router. This book provides the basic knowledge base needed to cope with a rapidly proliferating technology. Practical Cisco Routers will be written in an easy to understand and straightforward manner to provide the essential information for technology professionals new to routers by an author who teaches the information daily. Joe?s instructional background enables him to present the material in a manner that enables the reader to learn exactly what they need to know. The book assumes that the reader is starting for scratch and provides the basics on internetworking and wide area networking strategies. Practical Cisco Routers is an introduction to routable protocols and routing protocols. It includes the complete knowledge base that is needed for an elementary understanding of router technology including TCP/IP subnetting; and an explanation of typically used wide are networking protocols such as Frame Relay. About the Book Topic: Router prices have recently fallen making internetworking solutions available to the small and intermediate size businesses. Routers are often configured as a gateway to an Internet Service Provider making a basic knowledge of routers a necessity for network administrators.

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