Se using windows nt server 4 / Roger Jennings

Se using windows nt server 4

Roger Jennings

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Page Count:-1079 Pub Date:-08/20/1997 Book Description: This book is a classic high-end tutorial and appeals to the reader who not only wants a complete reference book, but also a compelling approach to implementing Windows NT Server. This approach appeals to established NT users by providing solutions for new and improved technologies, and helps consolidate more functionality in their NT Server installation. In addition, the preview coverage of newly-announced features in the next version of Windows NT will make this an appealing buy. 1. Completely updated and revised by the author, this new edition helps readers get Windows NT installed, configured, connected, and optimized_ 2. Contains seven ALL-NEW chapters_ 3. Includes new content on "Cairo" and all new material on using TCP/IP, WINS, and DHCP_ Audience: Anyone setting up or running an NT server-whether large or small-will not want to be without this book._Companies and individuals implementing Microsoft Internet Information Server or other BackOffice components._Microsoft estimates that sales of Windows NT will surpass those of Windows 95 in 1998, with installation of over 5 million Windows NT seats by the year 2000.

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