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Se using samba

Richard Sharpe

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Page Count:-900 Pub Date:-March 2000 / PSR Book Description: Special Edition Using Samba is the latest in Que?s successful Special Edition Using series of books that focus on integration with the fastest growing operating system available, Linux. Samba provides an easy and seamless link between servers running Linux or UNIX and other operating systems like Windows, or even Apple?s OS. The book consists of four sections: I. Installing Samba. A high-level guide to Samba protocol and sections of the smb.conf file, and the notion of automation via macros. II. Client Configuration and use. Detailed info on accessing Samba from the various clients, including Windows for Workgroups, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, OS2, and the UNIX clients, smbclient and rpcclient with both the client configuration issues and Samba configuration issues and examples. III. Advanced Topics. Detailed information on topics like using Samba as a Primary Domain Controller, integration with LDAP, and SSL integration. Series Profile: Task-oriented, comprehensive, tutorial/reference coverage for intermediate and advanced users. The Special Edition Using series provides in-depth coverage of the topic including Notes, Tips, and Cautions. This series focuses on completion of tasks and is heavily informed with knowledge of what users actually do. Audience: The target audience wants a complete reference with information that?s easy to find. It comprises intermediate to advanced users who want to learn the details of Samba for maximum performance

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