Se using oracle 8i / Nathan Hughes & Vijay Lunawat

Se using oracle 8i

Nathan Hughes & Vijay Lunawat

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Page Count:-1000 Pub Date:-May 99 Book Description: Special Edition Using Oracle8i will provide the intermediate to advanced reader with a one-stop complete reference on the latest Oracle database?complete with real-life experiences and practical examples (which most other books are lacking). Key updates that will be covered in Oracle8I include: · SQLJ programming · JavaBeans · CORBA · Java Virtual Machine Readers will learn the fundamentals of Oracle database design, development and administration and progress quickly to using Oracle?s tools and products to make these tasks easier and faster. Advanced chapters will cover integration with SAP, Oracle Financials, and the Oracle Applications suite? something no other books cover at all! About the Book Topic: Oracle 8i is the industry?s first database to integrate a Java virtual machine and allow programming in Java to create databases, Web sites and Internet content. Oracle 8i builds on the secure, scaleable foundation of Oracle8 to reliably manage Internet applications accessed by thousands of users over corporate and public networks. The new features help companies and developers build Internet-savvy applications that lower costs, enhance customer and supplier interaction, and provide global information access across platforms and across the enterprise.

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