Israel 2000 / מאיר ושרה אהרוני

Israel 2000

מאיר ושרה אהרוני

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת מקסם, בשנת 2000, מכיל 464 עמודים,

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100 writers - key figures and experts from various fields - contributed articles and data to the book Israel 2000. This book contains approximately one thousand illustrations and photographs and includes tens of thousands of data about Israel in the year 2000. Israel 2000, together with Sara and Meir Aharoni's previous book, "People and Deeds in Israel" - Israel's 50th Anniversary Book, constitutes the most comprehensive information and documentation project ever to be published in Israel. Alongside the data articles, the book records the current state of Israeli industry, the global achievements of Israeli high - tech, the Israeli economy, as Well as presenting a survey of institutions, organizations and municipal authorities that are an integral part of contemporary Israel. This book will provide a useful tool for all those who wish to acquaint themselves with Israel of the year 2000.

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