Time zones - your key to control / הרב שרגא ברג

Time zones

your key to control

הרב שרגא ברג

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In this striking, ground breaking book, Dr. Philip S. Berg meets reality head on, face to face, and provides a valid roadmap for the individual in his search for total understanding of things around him. Time Zones traces the roots of most misforyunes to cosmic danger zones. Armed with the knowledge and timetable of these zones, we can transcend the realm of chance, luck and indetemination. We can bring order, fulfillment, and supreme tranquility to our lives. A powerful book, Dr. Philip S. Berg opens pathways to the blueprint of cosmic influences that control our activities and influence our lives on a day to day basis. Time Zones provides the specific dates to avoid, when undertaking new ventures, marriage, or moving into a new home or apartment. Time Zones exposes the existence of the forces that shape the human condition and exert their control over our physical universe. More importantly, it shows us how to use them, and thus never be in the wrong place at the right time. Time Zones furnishes an exact and precise calendar of cekestial conditions so that we can and should approach the positive energy - intelligences of the cosmos and tap their awesome power. Behinning new ventures on these dates assures us of being in the right place at the right time. Our lives no longer are left to fhance, nor are we subjected to the chaos of uncertainty and misfortune.

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