The ultimate hitchhiker''s guide - 6 stories / D. Adams

The ultimate hitchhiker''s guide

6 stories

D. Adams

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Did all the dolphins disappear? What is God's final message to his Creation? What really happened the day the Earth was demolished ? Young Zaphod Plays it safe The two - headed hero travels to depths of the ocean floor to investigate the mysterious destruction of the ship that "could one hundred percent positively never crash." With the annoying assistance of the Safety and Civil Reassurance Administration, Zaphod learns some disturbing secrets... Mostly Harmless Once again, Arthur Dent tries to return to Earth, but instead settles for an honorary position as master sandwich maker. Meanwhile, the Guide seems to be changing in much too mysterious ways, which keeps Ford Perfect on the run - running into Arthur Dent, whose daughter has just hi - jacked Ford's spaceship. If you're just discovering Douglas Adams's galactic gangbuster of a series, don't panic: "the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide is your chance to have it all ! (Towel not included.)

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