Two caravans

Lewycka Marina

Two caravans

Lewycka Marina

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Book Description:

A field of strawberries in Kent...

And sitting in it two caravans – one for the men and one for the women. The residents are from all over: miner’s son Andriy is from the old Ukraine, while sexy young Irina is from the new: they eye each other warily. There are the Poles Tomasz and Yola, two Chinese girls and Emanuel from Malawi. They’re all here to pick strawberries in England’s green and pleasant land.

But these days England’s not so pleasant for immigrants. Not with Russian gangster-wannabes like Vulk, who’s taken a shine to Irina and thinks kidnapping is a wooing strategy. And so Andriy – who really doesn’t fancy Irina, honest – must set off in search of that girl he’s not in love with.

Format : Paperback

ISBN: 9780141026992

Size : 129 x 198mm

Pages : 320

Published : 05 Mar 2008

Publisher : Fig Tree

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