Margery Allingham

Margery Allingham


World War II is staggering towards an end, and it can't come soon enough for Albert Campion, who has had his fill of dead bodies. Granted a brief leave, he returns to London, only to surprise the estimable Lugg in the act of hauling, yes, a dead body through the front door. For Campion, it seems, there's simply no escape....

With his first case (see The Crime at Black Dudley), Albert Campion, that chatty, peculiar young man, scored a genteely British coup. His new client, though, is the very American Judge Crowdy Lobbett. His Honor has come into possession of evidence identifying the criminal mastermind behind a gang that is terrorizing New York, and the gang, in response, has begun terrorizing Judge Lobbett.

For safety, Campion sends the Judge and his family to Mystery Mile, a secluded house deep in the British countryside. But that safety is illusory: Soon after their arrival the local vicar is killed – a clear message from the gang. The gang, however, has underestimated Campion. Beneath his stream of banter is a razor-sharp detective’s intellect, and while he always has a quip at the ready, he is soon sending deadly serious messages of his own....

Felony & Mayhem's Vintage category mystery...

A house-party with a glittering guest list. An imposing country estate with endless shadowy staircases and unused rooms. The breathless period between the two world wars. It’s the ideal setting for the classic English murder mystery, and bringing it to perfection is the introduction—in a supporting role for the first and last time—of Albert Campion, the consummate (if compulsively quipping) Gentleman Sleuth. The guests take some time to be grateful for Campion’s presence; he is a bit peculiar, and they have more than enough distractions, what with various complicated love affairs, a curious ritual involving a jeweled dagger, and a deadly game of hide-and-seek. But the savvy reader will be singing hosannas from Campion’s first appearance, knowing that it marks the beginning of one of the most intelligent and delightful series in the history of crime fiction....


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