Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts



An epic joint biography, Masters and Commanders explores the degree to which the course of the Second World War turned on the relationships and temperaments of four of the strongest personalities of the twentieth century: political masters Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt and t...

How does democracy work in the new democracies of Eastern Europe? Do the people actually rule as one would expect in a democracy or do the legacies of communism and the constraints of the transition weaken popular control? This book presents a new framework for conceptualizing and measuring democrat...

It is 2045. A Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford discovers that the Aachen Referendum, which created the European superstate 30 years earlier, was rigged by a conspiracy within the European Commission. He must get this evidence to King William V, but this becomes a very dangerous task....


קראתי כבר הרבה ספרים על מלחמת העולם השנייה, ובכל זאת הספר הזה הפתיע א... המשך לקרוא
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