Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan M. Dershowitz


With wit, humor, and decades of personal experiences from which to draw, Alan Dershowitz dispenses advice on career, law, and life in a book aimed at those just starting out in the legal profession.

As defender of both the righteous and the questionable, Alan Dershowitz has become perhaps the most famous and outspoken attorney in the land. Whether or not they agree with his legal tactics, most people would agree that he possesses a powerful and profound sense of justice. In this meditation on his profession, Dershowitz writes about life, law, and the opportunities that young lawyers have to do good and do well at the same time.

We live in an age of growing dissatisfaction with law as a career, which ironically comes at a time of unprecedented wealth for many lawyers. Dershowitz addresses this paradox, as well as the uncomfortable reality of working hard for clients who are often without many redeeming qualities. He writes about the lure of money, fame, and power, as well as about the seduction of success.

In the process, he conveys some of the "tricks of the trade" that have helped him win cases and become successful at the art and practice of "lawyering."...

From the Menendez brothers to Lorena Bobbitt, the criminal justice system is being swept up in a wave of abuse excuses. The author, a renowned defense attorney and the author of the #1 bestseller Chutzpah, looks at the numerous abuse excuses that are enabling people to get away with murder – literally. In this provocative and important collection of essays, the author reviews a wide range of recent and famous court cases, including those of O.J. Simpson, Tonya Harding, and Woody Allen, and writes about the meaning of these cases for our legal system – and society at large....


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