The New me<x>taphysicals - Spirituality and the American Religious Imagination / Courtney Bender

The New metaphysicals

Spirituality and the American Religious Imagination

Courtney Bender

בשנת 2010,
שפת הספר: אנגלית

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American spiritualityR12;with its focus on individual meaning, experience, and explorationR12;is usually thought to be a product of the postmodern era. But, as The New metaphysicals makes clear, contemporary American spirituality has historic roots in the nineteenth century and a great deal in common with traditional religious movements. To explore this world, Courtney Bender combines research into the history of the movement with fieldwork in Cambridge, MassachusettsR12;a key site of alternative religious inquiry from Emerson and William James to today. Through her ethnographic analysis, Bender discovers that a focus on the new, on progress, and on the way spiritual beliefs intersect with science obscures the historical roots of spirituality from its practitioners and those who study it alikeR12;and shape an enduring set of modern religious possibilities in the process

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