Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation / John Michael Powel

Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation

John Michael Powel

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Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation is an in depth introduction to making functional "steam gauge" style engine and flight instruments for use with recreational flight simulators. It describes in detail how air-core movements, servos, and stepping motors work, and illustrates through projects how to use them to simulate A/C instrumentation.

This is a hands-on book. Although there are a few engineering descriptions, it is primarily through the projects that the different simulation approaches are demonstrated. The projects were chosen to illustrate a range of simulation techniques. Each project is documented with complete mechanical drawings, electronic schematics, and if a micro controller is used, with a commented firmware listing.

This is a book for flight sim hobbyists, but realistically, the content tends to above average complexity. Building a simulated aircraft instrument requires a variety of skills including metal working , the ability to construct electronic circuitry, and a touch of assembly language programming. That said, the metal working is limited to cutting small flat pieces of sheet aluminum and brass, drilling holes and making a very few, simple bends. The circuitry can be built on perf-board, and the key knowledge about assembly language is how to download and run the free assembler from Microchip. The assembly code is included in the book.

If you were in a bookstore holding a copy of the book, you could thumb through it for a bit more detail, and read a few paragraphs to judge the writing style. Since you aren't, take a look at the following chapter descriptions, and read a sample chapter (PDF).

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