The Red Forest / Rivka Tir

The Red Forest

Rivka Tir & Israel Tir

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A Jewish family living a simple, happy life in rural Poland. When the Nazis took.
over their village, Izhak Shumowitz with his wife, little girl and other members of his family fled into the forest, determined to avoid the fate of their fellow jews.
"The Red Forest" tells of their years living like hunted animals, fear
following them from hiding place to hiding place. They found shelter in the forest, in open fields, in underground bunkers, under pigsties, even in a windmill. They were courageous and blessed with an uncanny
ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions.
Two babies were born during this time; one survived only a few months, the second was smothered by the family, who feared the baby's cries would reveal their hiding place to the Nazis.
They survived due to the help of two Christian farming families, who endangered their own lives to save them. They became one of the
"Righteous of the Nations"in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.
It was their belief in the decency of humanity that kept alight the flame of hope for a better future, and gave the members of the family the strength to act relentlessly against the evil that surrounded them.

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