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Page Count: 320 Pub Date: August 1999 About the Book Topic: Adobe recently acquired GoLive CyberStudio from GoLive Systems, and renamed the product Adobe GoLive. (The most recent version is 4.0 for the Mac; the first Windows version of 4.0 is eagerly anticipated in the second quarter of 1999.) This award-winning Web authoring tool is aimed at professional Web site designers and developers, and integrates seamlessly with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. GoLive 4 continues to offer superb HTML control, powerful site management features, and support for Cascading Style Sheets, and DHTML, as well as ready-to-use JavaScript actions. New in version 4, GoLive includes an improved QuickTime movie editor, which permits Web developers to edit video directly within the GoLive application. Other new features, such as tighter integration of XML and Microsoft Active Server Pages into GoLive, new table-editing features, Adobe PDF integration, built- in FTP Client, and enhanced JavaScript actions all contributed to garnering the 1999 Editor?s Choice Award from Macworld for Adobe GoLive 4. GoLive has been used to produce professional Web sites such as Aware Records, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers Records, and the Associated Press. Book Description: GoLive 4 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide provides step-by-step coverage of this popular, professional Web site development tool, using an easy, visual approach. Both beginners and professionals stepping up to the newest version of the software can quickly learn to work with the palettes, tools, and windows of Adobe GoLive, as well as all the new features of the application. Detailed explanation of the new actions-enhanced user interface features, and the powerful new site management tools in version 4.0 all aid the busy professional in getting up and running quickly on Adobe GoLive 4. This is the first cross-platform edition of a GoLive VQS, and will appeal to all those awaiting the release of the Windows version of the software. The buzz surrounding the Windows version suggests that this Visual QuickStart will jump out the gate, and do even better than the previous Mac- only edition, which sold over 10,000 copies. About the Author: Shelly Brisbin has written about technology for more than ten years. She?s currently based in Austin, Texas, and writes a weekly Internet column for the Austin Web site?CitySearch. She?s contributed numerous features and reviews to national computer magazines, such as Macworld, MacWeek, NetProfessonal, The Net, and SunWorld. Shelly is the author of two earlier versions of Adobe GoLive Visual QuickStarts. In her free time, she runs a music-related Web site and mailing list. Audience: Adobe GoLive 4 for Macintosh and Windows: VQS is aimed at the design professional, either new to designing for the Web, or stepping up from a more basic Web authoring tool. Readers will probably use Adobe GoLive to produce mid-sized to large Web sites.

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