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336 Pages Relax. Learning Lotus® Notes® R5 is now a breeze. You´re holding a book dedicated to one simple idea: To help you accomplish your tasks as quickly and easily as possible. No need to wade through endless pages of boring text. With Prima-Tech´s bestselling Fast & Easy? series, you simply look and learn. · Wonder how to schedule a meeting? See Chapter 9 · Need to prioritize your To Do list? Go to Chapter 10 · Want to organize your contacts by category? Learn how in Chapter 13 · Wonder how to add your signature to an e-mail? Learn how in Chapter 18 · Need to create your own database? Turn to Chapter 24 Includes a comprehensive glossary. "Prima Publishing´s fast & easy series is just what consumers need!"?Cyber Frontiers: The Internet Show "This book is brilliant . . . Our office juniors were up and running in no time at all. Excellent!"?June Sutton "Fast & Easy means just that. No theory; all hands-on. These books carry you through their topics at a rapid pace with an avalanche of screens to make learning easy."?Joseph T. Sinclair, Author "One of the most helpful and jargon-free books around."?The Toronto Globe and Mail "Beginners will love the tone and format . . . the author´s expertise is evident throughout the book."? Publishers Weekly

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