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Page Count:-500 Pub Date:-10-09-00 Book Description: XHTML by Example explains the differences in syntax between HTML and XHTML, and the concept of well- formedness, which is underused in HTML but crucial and required in XHTML. Further coverage includes: · Authoring guidelines for a smooth transition to XHTML · XML DTDs and Schemas, and how they relate to XHTML · How XHTML modularization provides content to non-traditional browsers such as Palm devices, pagers, and cell phones · Adding custom XHTML modules to standard XHTML · XHTML document profiling · Plans for XHTML 1.1 The final chapters cover advanced features, including Extended Forms, XHTML Basic, and how XHTML can integrate Web and TV content. As a member of the W3C XHTML working group, Ann can quickly add appropriate coverage for each of these at the time of publication.

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