Jerusalem of the heavens / אש מילנר

Jerusalem of the heavens

אש מילנר

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HE ETERNAL CITY IN BIRD`S EYE VIEW Jerusalem as seen by the angels-this is the new and unusual perspective of this album, Jerusalem of the Heavens. From this angle one sees a different Jerusalem: unified, continuous. a city of vast religious and ethnic variety, a city sacred and profane, ancient as well as modern. The photographs in this book, all taken from the air or from some elevated vantage point, show us the entire city, from its earliest beginnings till the present day: markets ans streets, minarets and domes, walls and courtyards, religious processions and reverlers, pilgrims and idlers, sunrises and sunsets, workdays and festivals, ancient ruins and new and reconstructed buildings, togerther bleinding into a picture of rare harmony-as the Paslmist wrote: `` a city that is built comactly together.`` *** Moshe Milner and Yehuda Salomon, respectively the pghotographer and designer of this book, set out together to discover the most distinctive sites ad photographic angles in Jerusalem. This remarkable album is the result. Togerther, they succeeded in capturing the uniqueness of set Jerusalem apartfrom every other city in the world.

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