On the road to aleppo - A Book of Stories / דן צלקה

On the road to aleppo

A Book of Stories

דן צלקה

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת אבן חשן, בשנת 1999, מכיל 533 עמודים,

ללא דירוג ללא דירוג
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A beautiful woman shakes up the residents of the Third Dune in Nueiba, Sinai, a lost Israeli paradise. Self portrait at 27 - the author's adventures in Paris, Venice and Rome. A clerk in a Jaffa grocery store writes an enormous book about the solar system, inspired by his love to a courtesan. New York, 1927. A rundown hotel. The night Shlomo Blumgarten, known as Yehoash, finishes his translation of the Bible into Yiddish. A kabbalist manages to trap Samael, the Prince of Darkness, but frees him in a moment of weakness and is damned forever. A girl chooses a leper hospital in Jerusalem as an object of love. Heartbreak during the wonderful speeches and equally wonderful food at the annual dinner of the Holy Burial Society. The decline and fall of a Bedouin tribe. After the Turks and the English, the Israelis have the last word. A Tel Aviv lecturer in the philosophy of science is invited to Germany where a rare adventure awaits her. An eminent linguist is summoned urgently to the home of the poet and mystic Oscar Milosz to express his opinion about Milosz' ominous interpretation of the Revelation of St. John the Divine. A misunderstanding at a meeting near the Dead Sea between Sa'di, the great Persian poet, and a crusader, has uncanny consequences. Sex and the history of ideas in a one - room apartment in Tel - Aviv. Whose perception is preferable? That of the poet or that of the saint? Major Shadow - an agreeable and instructive tale about a military , genius in the Gulag. A Spanish nobleman asks Leonardo da Vinci to paint an angel with the face of his wife, whom he killed by mistake, and he encounters a strange refusal. And other stories ...

דן צלקה (סופר על המוקד)
יליד וורשה. במלחמת העולם השנייה נמלט עם משפחתו לברית־המועצות, גורש איתה לסיביר ועבר אחר־כך לקזחסטאן. בגיל עשר חזר לפולין וגר בעיר ורוצלב. ... המשך לקרוא

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