Nazi europe and the final solution / Edited By David Bankier & Israel Gutman

Nazi europe and the final solution

Edited By David Bankier & Israel Gutman

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת יד ושם, בשנת 2003, מכיל 571 עמודים,
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The present volume is a collection of articles of both established scholars and young researchers which deal with the attitudes of the various populations in occupied Europe towards Jews during the Holocaust. Most of these articles tackle the disturbing question: how did people react when their neighbors were made outcasts, humiliated, deported and later murdered. On the basis of new archival rnaterial the authors also discuss the attitudes and actions, or lack of actions, of those who had an official status, or were active in the underground . The studies present the complex situations in states allied to Nazi Germany, like Slovakia and Romania, or in countries like Ukraine and Lithuania whose nationalist movements viewed the Third Reich as the rnajor factor that world aid them in achieving independence. Some of the papers reveal the attitudes towards Jews in France, where the population had a considerable degree of autonomy, others analyze the historical reality in occupied Poland, where the population was deprived of any source of authority. The book also includes contributions on Denmark and Italy, in which thanks to the involvement and dedicated efforts of the population, of institutions and of underground movements, Jews were rescued from the Nazi extermination policy.

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