Partial answers / Editor:leona Toker

Partial answers

Editor:leona Toker

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת מאגנס, בשנת 2003, מכיל 170 עמודים,
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JOURNAL OF LITERATURE AND THE HISTORY OF IDEAS The editorial board welcomes contributions that explore the ways in which · literary texts can be perceived both as works of art and as testing grounds for ideas; · literary works participate in the history of ideas, whether understood as a continuous line of development, as a process of inheriting and correcting schemas, or as a sequence of archeological layers; · literary texts negotiate ideological changes; · period concepts and debates impinge on the shape of the literary texts; · the evolution of ideas affects our reading of the literature of the past; · individual texts reflect changing ideas about literature itself. Contributors are encouraged to be explicit regarding their partialities, their philosophical agenda, and the contingency of their ideological positions. © THE SCHOOL FOR LITERATURES THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM Published by The Hebrew University MAGNES PRESS, Jerusalem Editor: Leona Toker Assistant Editor: Ruben Borg Associate Editors: Einat Adar, Eyal Brosh, Joe Brown, Rebecca Gillis, Deborah Honig, Elisheva Leybovitch, Tamar Merin, Karen Lisa More, Hannah Ovnat, Hedy Rimmon, Ronen Sonis, Renana Tobi, Daniella Tourgeman, Edward Waysband (Managing Editor) International Advisory Board: Shuli Barzilai, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Murray Baumgarten, University of California, Santa Cruz Ivan Callus, University of Malta H. M. Daleski, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Cora Diamond, University of Virginia, Charlottesville Ruth Ginsburg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Bernard Harrison, University of Sussex, University of Utah Geoffrey Hartman, Yale University Wolfgang Iser, University of Konstanz, University of California, Irvine D. Barton Johnson, University of California, Santa Barbara John Jordan, University of California, Santa Cruz Zephyra Porat, Tel Aviv University Christine Raguet - Bouvart, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III Shlomith Rimmon - Kenan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Betty Rojtman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Alvin Rosenfeld, University of Indiana, Bloomington Pekka Tammi, University of Tampere, Finland Roman Timenchik, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Lorraine Weir, University of British Columbia, Canada Shira Wolosky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Concept of cover design (?the sand and the sea?), by Eyal Soffer and Renana Tobi, alludes to a poem by Hannah Senesh. New Books and Advertising: Partial Answers publishes reviews of new books pertinent to its interdisciplinary field. It will welcome publishers? advertisements. Abstracts of articles published in the journal are available on the Partial Answers Internet site: Volume 1, Number 1 (January 2003) CONTENTS From the Editor Articles Wolfgang Iser Context - Sensitivity And Its Feedback: The Two - Sidedness of Humanistic Discourse Bernard Harrison Houyhnhnm Virtue James Phelan The Beginning and Early Middle of Persuasion; Or, Form and Ideology in Austen?s Experiment with Narrative Comedy Frédéric Regard Topologies of the Self: Space and Life - Writing Regenia Gagnier Individualism from the New Woman to the Genome: Autonomy and Independence Dianne Hunter Poetics of Melancholia and Psychic Possession in Ted Hughes?s Birthday Letters and Other Haunted Texts Reviews Elizabeth Freund Hamlet in Purgatory, by Stephen Greenblatt Richard Freadman Upheavals of Thought, by Martha Nussbaum Pekka Tammi Nabokov?s World, ed. by Jane Grayson, Priscilla Meyer, and Arnold McMillin Elisheva Pomrenze Leybovitch Feminist Metafiction and the Evolution of the English Novel, by Joan Douglas Peters Forthcoming issues of Partial Answers will include articles and review essays by Mara Beller, Ruben Borg, Ivan Callus, Casey Clabough, Cora Diamond, Frank J. Kearful, Tim Langen, Yaacov Mascetti, Andrew Mossin, Natalia Pervukhin, Zephyra Porat, David Price, Michael Rifaterre, Shlomith Rimmon - Kenan, Yechiel Szeintuch, Janet Thormann, Leona Toker, and others. Guidelines for Conributors: The editorial board will consider articles of 3,000 to 10,000 words, as well as brief informative notes, written in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style and a consistent system of reference. Two printed copies of each article and an abstract must be submitted for preliminary evaluation and refereeing; an electronic copy will be requested at a later stage. Articles must be accompanied by self - addressed envelopes and International Reply Coupons, or they will not be returned.

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