Are the trees in bloom over there? / מנחם מאיר ופרדריק ריימס

Are the trees in bloom over there?

מנחם מאיר ופרדריק ריימס

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת יד ושם, בשנת 2002, מכיל 235 עמודים, תירגום: Shulamit Berman.

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Two young brothers born in Germany were deported with their family to France and held in a detention camp. Their parents were transferred to Rivesaltes. Two years later they were sent to Drancy and from there they were deported to their final destination - Auschwitz. Meanwhile the two brothers were rescued from the detention camp by the OSE (a Jewish organization) and the Quakers. They were shucked between orphanages in France and Switzerland. Eventually they were separated. After the war Fred, the older brother, made his way to the United States, where he became a rocket scientist. His work brought him in contact with Werner. von Braun. The younger brother, Menachem, came to Israel, where he took part in Israel's wars. He raised a family and devoted himself to a career in education. For many years there was almost no contact between the brothers, but recently they felt a need to talk about their experiences, especially with their grandchildren. They renewed their connection with each other and together they wrote file gripping story of their childhood. this is one of the most touching memoirs to come to light in recent years. The unusual narrative style, the conversations between the brothers as they attempt to bridge the missing years, their appeal to their grandchildren and in fact to all our grandchildren, cannot fail to move the reader.

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