The herodian quarter in jerusalem / N Avi

The herodian quarter in jerusalem

N Avi

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The archaeological site featured in the herodian quarter in Jerusalem is one of the largest and most important sites uncovered in the Upper City of Jerusalem. It was recealed during the extensive excavations carried out in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem between 1969 and 1983. Following the excavations, the archaelogical remains were covered over, hidden from view for many years under a new building erected over them. Now they have been re - exposed, re - paired, and restored so that they can be seen by the public in all their grandeur. The Herodian Quarter in Jerusalem provides the visitor as well as any reader interested in antiquities with a richly illustrated, informative publication faithfully reflecting the character of the restored site. Professor N. Avigad, author of the Herodian Quarter in Jerusalem and one of the foremost archaelolgists in Israel, headed the repair and restoration of the ancient remains he discovered in the Jewish Quarter. The story of the archaeological excavations and their results were described in Prof. Avigad's book Discovering Jerusalem. (1983).

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