Collected Writings In Jewish Studies / אפרים אלימלך אורבך

Collected Writings In Jewish Studies

אפרים אלימלך אורבך

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת מאגנס, בשנת 2000, מכיל 600 עמודים,

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This Volume Comprises A Collection Of English And French Articles In Jewish Studies Published By Professor E. E. Urbach In The Course Of Over Fifty Years, As Well As Several Articles And Lectures Found Among His Papers After His Death In 1991. The Articles Collected Here Include Contributions To Various Spheres Of Jewish Studies, Particularly Those To Which The Author Dedicated Most Of His Scholarly Career And In Which He Became A Leading Figure: Halakhah, Aggdah, Classical Rabbinic Thought, Anti-christian Polemics, And Jewish History Of The Second Temple, Talmudic And Medieval Periods. The History And Spiritual World Of Polish Jewry, A Topic On Which The Author Concentrated His Later Years, Is Also Represented Here. Also Included Are Several Essays In Which The Author Surveyed Trends And Developments In The Field Of Jewish Studies.

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