Ethnographic Topics Relating To Jews In Polish Studies /

Ethnographic Topics Relating To Jews In Polish Studies

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The Ethnography Of Jews Living In Pre-holocaust Eastern Europe In General, And Poland In Particular, Has Not Attracted Wide Attention Among Scholars. Few Took An Interest In This Subject When The Task Of Collecting Rich Documentary Materials Did Not Pose Special Problems. The Situation Today Is Not Much Different, And The Lack Of Interest In The Field Is Matched By The Scarcity Of Sources And Of Secondary Literature, Which, In Addition, Remains Difficult To Master. Those Studies Of Polish Jews Which Do Exist Are Not Easily Located Not Only Because There Are Relatively Few Of Them, But Also Because They Are Scattered Throughout Many Publications In Various Languages. This Situation Prompted The Author To Write The Present Work, The Purpose Of Which Is To Enable Future Scholars To Locate Works On The Subject Published In Polish.

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