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This Collection Of Essays By Scholars From Canada, Croatia, India, Italy And Israel Maps An Important Aspect Of Canadian Culture By Exploring The Inherent Relation Between Space And Questions Of Subjectivity. Location At First Stood Out In Canadian Literature Because Survival Depended On Control Of The Land; Today Owing To The Technological Advances That Have Eased Human Exploitation Of The Ground And Its Resources, And To Some Extent Enhanced Protection Against Adverse Climatic Conditions, The Preoccupation With Space Has Shifted To Incorporate Other Realities. As Manifest In Contemporary Writing Throughout Canada, Humans Interact With Place In Order To Strengthen Their Sense Of Belonging And Selfhood. The Essays In Mapping Canadian Cultural Space Examine A Variety Of Literary Texts By Writers From Different Origins – Whether Old-timers Or Newcomers – All Aiming At Contextualizing Subjecthood.

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