Images And Reality In International Politics /

Images And Reality In International Politics

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“image” And “reality” Are Polar Terms Within A Conceptual Continuum. The Tension Between The Two Polarities Is A Constant And Permanent One, Out Of Which The Texture Of Human Existence Is Generated. For States, As For Men, The Perception Of Self And Of “other” Is Of Paramount Importance For Taking Any Action. These Perceptions Must Be Constantly Readjusted And Restructured To Achieve A View Consistent With “reality” Rather Than “image”. Such Tests Of Reality In International Politics, However, Are Infrequent And Not Particularly Reliable; And Despite All The Advances In Intelligence Gathering And Other Objective Means Of Assessing Facts, The Human Mind Still Controls The Ultimate Decision Making Processes. Sixteen Internationally Recognized Scholars, Historians And Political Analysts Examine Perceptions And Reality In The World Of Statecraft. The Articles Presented Range From Empirical Analyses Through Philosophical Discourses; They Encompass The General, The Regional And Touch On The Middle East Impasse.

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